How to & FAQ

How to

From Home page Click on get started,
From My Account page Click on Get New Offer,
From Any page Click on New Quote Request in the nav bar,

All of these will bring you to Vehicle Type, select drop down box on each category and choose the desired item then click Next Step to take you to the engine tab on the next page

Engine Select engine type and this will take you to the Colour Options and Optional Extras make your choices and click Next Step to take you to the finance page

Finance Chose one item from each category and click Next Step to get offers

Get Offers Complete each section and click Finish Posting
View Offers will show all the quote requests you have made.

To veiw any offers you have recieved from Dealers & Brokers click the View Offers button.

To view any special deals click the View Specials button.

You can contact any of the Dealers or Brokers that have submitted an offer to you by clicking the Send Message button on the offer you want to discuss.

Should you wish to proceed with one of your quotes click the Proceed With Offer button on the quote you wish to proceed with.
To access your messages you click view message button from:

1. My Account page Click on View All Messages button

2. Any page Click on Private Messages under My Account in the nav bar.
Click on My Account to access your personal details, make changes by clicking on individual tabs to make changes and then click save.


You can view your quotes by clicking "View All Offers" button under your My Account page, this will then show you a list of all your quotation request choose the quotation request you wish to see your quotes for and click the "View Offers" offers button, you can also see special offers from dealers and brokers by clicking the "View Special" button.
After your quoting period has finished you will have 14 days to proceed with your desired offer before the quote is no-longer valid.
Your quote is valid for 14 days after your chosen quoting period ends.
A quoting period is the amount of time you want the dealers and brokers to have to quote you.
Your choose how long your quoting period is from 1 , 3, 5 and 7 days.