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We only allow franchised main dealer & leasing brokers who are FCA Regulated and can offer the best customer service to our users

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We dont charge upfront fees or monthly subscriptions, You only pay on results, therefore saving you money which can be passed onto your customers.

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With the LeaseBid custom quote form you can quote customers in seconds, with no lost time in chasing customers you can offer more quotes.

How It Works

You open your computer to hundreds of potential customers eagerly awaiting your best Contract Hire & Lease quotes on new cars & vans. Our registered customers contact you directly to lease their cars and vans; Customers can read your reviews and obtain all your contact and location details upfront.

You get quote requests in real time, its simple to use, you deal direct with as many or as little customers you want, on vehicles you want to quote, we only charge if a deal is sucsessful.

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Our system allows customers to give you a star rating, this helps new customers decide who they want to deal with, so the better your rating the more business you will win.

With the LeaseBid system you can pick and choose the vehicles you want to quote, there are no limitations on how many or few quotes you wish to make and there are no charges for signing up or quoting, you only pay when you are successful!

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