About Us

About LeaseBid

LeaseBid is the most convenient, hassle free way of buying a new Car or Van at a competitive price you can be confident in.

Buying a new vehicle is one of the most important purchases you will make, but can often be one of the most stressful experience with dealers and brokers hassling you to buy.

With LeaseBid we will protect you from all that and ensure you have an enjoyable experience with no hassle putting you in the driving seat.

LeaseBid, ONLY allows competitive UK main dealers and leasing brokers to compete for your business, all of whom are registered with the FCA.

You choose the vehicle you want then sit back and wait for the dealers and leasing brokers to bid you their most competitive prices.

Compare your offers by price, estimated delivery time, and ratings/reviews to make your choice.

You deal direct with the dealer or leasing broker of your choice, confident you already have their best offer infront of you.

No hassle, we don’t share your contact details with the dealers of brokers so the only way they can contact you is though LeaseBids messaging system, no more follow up calls or emails, No more pushy sales calls, the only time a dealer or broker has your contact details is when YOU proceed with your chosen dealer or broker.

This is great news for main dealers & leasing broker too.

This new approach to vehicle leasing introduces main dealers and brokers to more potential customers, thus helping increase sales and reduce advertising costs, which means you benefit from the savings they make, leading to a cost effective experience for everyone.

Once you have selected the supplier of choice, the finance and delivery arrangements will be carried out between You, your selected dealer or broker and the finance company.

How Safe Is It To Lease Through LeaseBid

We ensure leasing a new vehicle is completely safe.

Firstly – You don’t pay us a fee, we charge the successful dealer or broker.

Secondly – All main dealers and brokers are FCA regulated.

Thirdly – Your down payment is taken by direct debit from a UK based finance company (the bank).